Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Maine's New Main Man

Another email that I couldn't resist posting. Governor  Le Page is a breathe of fresh air...common sense never sounded so and share. Again I apologize for not knowing how to fix my spacing problem - just arrow down to where the article starts.

Maine's new

Maine 's New
 --- In case you haven't
heard about this guy before, his name will stick in your

The new Maine
Governor, Paul
 is making New Jersey 's Chris Christie look timid.
He isn't afraid to say what he thinks. Judging by the comments, every time
he opens his mouth, his popularity goes

He brought down the house at
his inauguration when he shook his fist toward the media box and said,
"You're on notice! I've inherited a financially troubled State to run.
Observe...cover what we do...but don't whine if I don't waste time
responding to your every whim just for your

During his campaign for
Governor, he was talking to commercial fishermen who are struggling
because of federal fisheries rules. They complained that 0bama brought his
family to Bar Harbor and AcadiaNational Park for a long Labor Day holiday
and found time to meet with union leaders, but wouldn't talk to the
fishermen. LePage replied, "I'd tell him to go to hell and get out of my
State." The Lame Stream Media crucified LePage, but he jumped 6 points in
the pre-election poll.

The Martin Luther King
incident was a political sandbag, which brought him national exposure. The
'lame stream' media crucified him, but word on the street is very
positive. The NAACP specifically asked LePage to spend MLK Day visiting
black inmates at the Maine State Prison. He told them that he would meet
with ALL inmates, regardless of race, if he were to visit the prison. The
NAACP balked and then put out a news release claiming falsely that he
refused to participate in any MLK events. He read it in the paper for the
1st time the next morning while being driven to an event and went
ballistic because none of the reporters had called him for comment before
running the NAACP release.

He arrived at that event
& said in front of a TV camera, "If they want to play the race card on
me they can kiss my ass", and he reminded them that he has an adopted
black son from Jamaica and that he attended the local MLK Breakfast every
year that he was mayor of Waterville. (He started his morning there on MLK

He then stated that there's
a right way and a wrong way to meet with the Governor, and he put all
special interests on notice that press releases, media leaks, and all
demonstrations would prove to be the wrong way. He said any other group,
which acted like the NAACP could expect to be at the bottom of the
Governor's priority list!

He then did the following,
and judging from local radio talk show callers, his popularity increased
even more: The State employees union complained because he waited until 3
P.M. before closing State offices and facilities and sending non-emergency
personnel home during the last blizzard. The prior Governor would often
close offices for the day with just a forecast before the first flakes.
(Each time the State closes for snow, it costs the taxpayers about $1
million in wages for no work in return.)

LePage was CEO of the
Marden's chain of discount family bargain retail stores before election as
governor. He noted that State employees getting off work early could still
find lots of retail stores open to shop. So, he put the State employees on
notice by announcing: "If Marden's is open, Maine is

He told State employees: "We
live in Maine in the winter, for heaven's
sake, and should know how to drive in it. Otherwise, apply for a State job
in Florida !"

Governor LePage symbolizes
what America needs; Refreshing politicians
who aren't self-serving and who exhibit common


I really love this

This is one of the better
e-mails I have received in a long time! I hope this makes its way around
the USA several times
over!!!!! HERE
IS WHAT Governor LaPage said,

the US government determines that it
is against the law for the words "under God" to be on our money, then, so
be it.

And "if" that same
government decides that the "Ten Commandments" are not to be used in or on
a government installation, then, so be it.

I say, "so be it," because I
would like to be a law abiding US citizen

I say, "so be it," because I
would like to think that smarter people than I are in positions to make
good decisions.

I would like to think that
those people have the American public's best interests at

BUT, he said, "YOU KNOW WHAT

Since we
can't pray to God, can't Trust in God and cannot post His Commandments in
Government buildings, I don't believe Government (Federal, State and
Local) and its employees should participate in Easter and Christmas
celebrations which honor the God that our government is eliminating from
many facets of American life.

I'd like
my mail delivered on Christmas, Good Friday, Thanksgiving & Easter.
After all, it's just another day.

I'd like
the" US Supreme Court to be in session on Christmas, Good Friday,
Thanksgiving & Easter as well as Sundays." After all, it's just
another day.

I'd like
the Senate and the House of Representatives to not have to worry about
getting home for the "Christmas Break." After all it's just another

thinking a lot of my taxpayer dollars could be saved, if all government
offices & services would work on Christmas, Good Friday & Easter.
It shouldn't cost any overtime since those would be just like any other
day of the week to a government that is trying to be "politically

fact...I think our government should work on Sundays (AFTER ALL, It was
initially set aside for worshipping God) because, AFTER ALL, our
government says that it should be Just ANOTHER

What do you all think???? If
this idea gets to enough people, maybe our elected officials will stop
giving in to the "minority opinions" and begin, once again, to represent
the "majority" of ALL of the American people.

SO BE IT....Please Dear
Lord, Give us the help needed to keep you in our country! 'Amen' and

If this
gets around the country a few times, I believe we all will see a better


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Architect of Destruction

This very strong stuff. It may not be suitable for some. It may be too much for others. It is what it is: an horrific indictment.

There are some gifted people who have the ability to put into words that which most of us are thinking. Maureen Scott is an ardent American patriot who was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and retired to Richmond, VA, in 2000. Free from the nine-to-five grind of writing for employers and clients, she began writing political commentary to please herself and express her convictions.

The Architect of Destruction

By Maureen Scott

Barack Obama appears to be a tormented man filled with resentment, anger, and
 disdain for anyone of an opinion or view other than his. He acts in the most hateful, spiteful, malevolent, vindictive ways in order to manipulate and maintain power and control over others. Perhaps, because, as a child, he grew up harboring an abiding bitterness toward the U.S. that was instilled in him by his family and mentors…it seems to have never left him.

It is not the color of his skin that is a problem in America . Rather it is the blackness that fills his soul and the hollowness in his heart where
 there should be abiding pride and love for this country.

Think: Have we ever heard Obama speak lovingly of the U.S. or its people, with
 deep appreciation and genuine respect for our history, our customs, our sufferings and our blessings? Has he ever revealed that, like most patriotic Americans, he gets "goose bumps" when a band plays "The Star Spangled Banner," or sheds a tear when he hears a beautiful rendition of " America the Beautiful?" Does his heart burst with pride when millions of American flags wave on a National holiday or someone plays "taps" on a trumpet?

Has he ever shared the admiration of the military, as we as lovers of those who keep us free, feel when soldiers march-by? It is doubtful because Obama did not grow up sharing our experiences or our values. He did not sit at the knee of a Grandfather or Uncle who showed us his medals and told us about the bravery of his fellow troops as they tramped through foreign lands to keep us free.

He didn't have grandparents who told stories of suffering and then coming to America, penniless, and the opportunities they had for building a business and life for their children.

Away from this country as a young child, Obama didn't delight in being part of America and its greatness. He wasn't singing our patriotic songs in kindergarten, or standing on the roadside for a holiday parade and eating a hot dog, or lighting sparklers around a campfire on July 4th as fireworks exploded over head, or placing flags on the grave sites of fallen and beloved American heroes.

Rather he was separated from all of these experiences and doesn't really
 understand us and what it means to be an American. He is void of the basic emotions that most feel regarding this country and insensitive to the instinctive pride we have in our national heritage. His opinions were formed by those who either envied us or wanted him to devalue the United States and the traditions and patriotism that unites us.

He has never given a speech that is filled with calm, reassuring, complimentary,
 heartfelt statements about all the people in the U.S. Or one that inspires us to be better and grateful and proud that in a short time our country became a leader, and a protector of many.

Quite the contrary, his speeches always degenerate into mocking, ridiculing tirades as he faults our achievements as well as any critics or opposition for the sake of a laugh, or to bolster his ego.

He uses his Office to threaten and create fear while demeaning and degrading any American who opposes his policies and actions. A secure leader, who has noble self-esteem and not false confidence, refrains from showing such dread of critics and displaying a cocky, haughty attitude.

Mostly, his time seems to be spent causing dissension, unrest, and anxiety among the people of America , rather than uniting us (even though he was presented to us as the "Great Uniter").

He creates chaos for the sake of keeping people separated, envious, aggrieved and ready to argue. Under his leadership Americans have been kept on edge, rather than in a state of comfort and security. He incites people to be aggressive toward, and disrespectful of, those of differing opinions.

And through such behavior, Obama has lowered the standards for self-control and mature restraint to the level of street-fighting gangs, when he should be raising the bar for people to strive toward becoming more considerate, tolerant, self-disciplined, self-sustaining, and self-assured.

Not a day goes by that he is not attempting to defy our laws, remove our rights,
 over-ride established procedures, install controversial appointees, enact divisive mandates, and assert a dictatorial form of power.

· Never has there been a leader of this great land who used such tactics to harm and hurt the people and this country.

· Never have we had a President who spoke with a caustic, evil tongue against the
 citizenry rather than present himself as a soothing, calming and trustworthy force.

· Never, in this country, have we experienced how much stress one man can cause
 a nation of people - on a daily basis!

Obama has promoted the degeneration of peace, civility, and quality of cooperation
 between us. He thrives on tearing us down, rather than building us up. He is the Architect of the decline of America , and the epitome of a Demagogue.

© Maureen Scott