Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Medicinal Effects of Copper

I wrote a blog several years ago about copper jewelry and the medicinal benefits of it.
The website that I wrote it on is long gone, and I assume that the article is sitting out there in the ether somewhere, but I sure can't find it.  First of all - I lay no claims to any medical knowledge, other than being the wife of a retired dentist.  Neither am I a witch doctor or a holistic guru...but this is what I have seen.

Over three years ago my husband was diagnosed by a very competent orthopedic doctor with rheumatoid  arthritis of the wrist.  In about four months, he had had three attacks where his wrist swelled to almost three times it normal size and it was extremely painful.  Each time he could not play golf for almost a week. I was doing allot of work with copper wire at that time and literally begged him to let me make him a copper bracelet and he finally relented because he would have done anything, at that point, not to have another attack.  My husband is definitely not the bracelet type, but he was desperate.  He will have had the bracelet for four years this May and has not had another attack since and he wears it 24/7.

He was so amazed by all this that he did some research and the article that most impressed him was on Web MD, and it was written by a German physician who had been the doctor for almost all the copper mines in Germany. What struck John the most was the fact that in all the years that this doctor worked at the Copper Company, he had never had one patient with rheumatoid arthritis.  We filed this in the fact file that really isn't too important and went on with our lives.

About three weeks ago, I sold a copper bracelet to a woman in my neighborhood.  She bought it because she liked the design and the way that it looked. I told her John's little story because she said that she ( and basically her whole extended family ) suffers tremendously from arthritis and she had lived in constant pain since 1999.  Subsequent visits with her have lead to her believing that this bracelet that she bought is a miracle worker.  Not only was she sleeping better because of the absence of pain, but the constant pain she has lived in for the last 12 years gets lesser every day.  I truly hope that this continues to be the case, it has really made me feel like a miracle worker as it is...I would hate to lose that.

Her husband is an engineer who worked in the IT industry.  So this man knows his way around a computer.  He has been so intriqued with the improvement in his wife that he too has done some research and the article that struck him the most was written by a physician, an orthopedist.  He said that several years ago, a complete scientific research project was conducted on the relationship between copper and arthritis...and the results were that the research scientists could find no relationship at all.  However, this doctor contended that any orthopedic doctor who diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis in a patient should recommend that the patient, at least, try a copper bracelet and see if it offered any relief to the pain.

I wear a copper bracelet 24/7 too and I am still able to do things with my hands that should be difficult in someone of my advanced years, and hopefully that will continue ad infinatum. Here's the new bracelet I just made and am wearing now...and it will soon be available in my shop with either the sterling silver finish, which I prefer and all in copper .

I am very partial to copper and have allot of bracelets in my shop from plain and simple to fairly ornate and decorative.

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