Monday, August 20, 2012

Returning to my Jewelry Work Bench

I have not made any jewelry to speak of since the middle of  May.  I had a large glitch in my health and am just now, four months later, beginning to feel like myself again.  I really do feel fantastic but I cannot get going at my bench again.  I have some great ideas , especially just as I am falling asleep, but so far I can't translate them into anything concrete.  It is becoming frustrating....but I'm confident that my muse will reappear shortly.  Hope that she didn't get as sick as I did! ! !

The one thing that I have made are with some beads from Kenya, Africa.  They are all hand made and hand painted making them somewhat irregular and I love them because of it.

I think that these are fun and colorful.  The company where they are made is a
"Fair Trade"  company and they figure that their 400 employees provide  a living wage that covers over 1600 people.  So not only can you have a great necklace, but help your fellow man at the same time, an all around winning combination.  If you didn't know, I am an elephant freak and finding good looking pieces that I can use in jewelry is a real prize for me and these are  definitely  good looking and not too heavy to be comfortable to wear.  These are in my Artfire  shop .

The  only other thing that I have made is  with a formed bead of brightly colored agate and resin and I combined them with  colored "O" rings to make a winning combo......

I wear these allot - especially the necklace as above but without the pewter center piece.  Only because I am really a plain Jane when it comes to my jewelry - give me color or bling or both, but keep it simple.  I admire complex, involved, difficult - I just don't want to wear it or make it...because I only make what I  would personally wear.

So that 's the extent of my output since May - rather skimpy and dismal...but I hope to correct that soonest.  My other problem is that my eldest daughter spent a whole day cleaning my studio - she did all that she could without me  and it looked fantastic.  I promised her that I would finish it...and  that is exactly what I have been doing with allot of my creative's not very creative, but I have to refind everything in my studio and I have to fulfill my promise...when I get it done, it will be the best that it's ever been....I even purchased some new storage, but getting there is a real pain.

I hope that you all have a great day and hopefully, I will be returning here soon - One more thing to add to my "to do" soon list - blogging.  I've really missed it.....

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