Sunday, October 7, 2012

Confessions of an Election Junkie

I  have not written a blog for a while...I just don't have time.  I have come to realize that  I am an election junkie ... I spent my extra time that I would usually use to write a blog, cruising the internet.  I have to check Facebook and add my two cents. I have to check the news stations and, of course, the pollsters web sites...there is so much to do with the elections a mere 30 days away.

I really don't understand this facet of my personality...I am a very black and white person and politics is anything but a black/white issue...but I really get into this.  I am better read than at any other time - I will peruse anything that is even remotely connected to the election. At other times in the election cycle, I am fairly apolitical...but let a Presidential election loom close and it really grabs my attention.

I get very angry at people on Facebook who are supporting someone  whom I consider to be the wrong candidate(s).  Although now that I am on a private site of politically like minded people, I am handling some of these things better.  I still  have trouble not rear ending cars that have the "wrong", as far as I am concerned,  bumper stickers,

My sister with whom I do not share political views posted a question as to whom she should vote for on Facebook.  I spent hours answering her - HOURS - not sure if  I go through to her,,, but I haven't heard from her since.

In another month, this will all be over for another four years....I can only say that I hope that my candidate wins.....

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