Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Web is a Wondrous Thing

The web is a wondrous thing - especially for someone who grew up when encyclopedias were the only way to go.  I was such a nerd...that I used to read the encyclopedia like it was a good book.  Maybe that's why I have trouble with the web.

People say that you can find anything that you want on the web...and I guess that you can...but you can also find things that you don't want ( I am not referring to porn here).  Every time that I start searching for something that is relatively new to me...I end up all over the place.  The web tempts me with all kinds of  new information that I feel compelled to follow up on. By the time that I am done purusing all this needless information - I can rarely find my way back to where I really need to be. These searches can be very time consuming and that makes them expensive for me - I am an artisan jeweler...with a shop on the web, that you really should visit...and time is money for me. I honestly don't know what I was looking for last night, but I ended up watching some videos on coloring metal and they mentioned a craft pad.  It sounded great - didn't leak - liquids just sat there - you could wash anything off it....something that I just had to have.

So I proceeded to search for these little miracles and found one for about $15.00 somewhere.  Then I saw something from a woman who was buying oven liners at Walmart and using them for the same purpose at 1/3rd the price.  Sounded good to me - until I found the stuff at the bottom of her page that said she was all wet...that the oven liners didn't work like the craft pad, but what this women had found, was working well at 1/2 the cost.  I wasted allot of time on these stupid pads.

I got up this morning to the realization that I should have just bought the $15.00 one and not wasted all that time looking for cheaper alternatives - I figured that I'd blown anything that I would have saved with all the time I spent looking for a cheaper product.  No sweat, I said to myself, I had to go to Michael's Craft Store today and I'd just pick one up.  Guess what....they had no idea what I was talking about...Zip ... Nada ... Nothing.

I came home - used an old paint dish from my tole painting days and decided that what I really didn't like were the patina's and acid paints that I had bought to color my metals....you know, some days you just can't win.....

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