Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Islam - A Danger to our Country

This is an excellent article, saying things that must be said and asking questions that must be asked.  We, as a nation must wake up to the threat of radical Islam before it over takes us.  We have only to look at 9-11, Boston, the bombers who have been caught, the U.S.S. Cole, on and on to see just how dangerous Islam is to our country. Please share this article, it is important information that must be seen by the people.  We must stop being too afraid of political correctness to see the truth.

Can We Have a National Conversation About Islam Now?

Can We Have a National Conversation About Islam Now?
Kira Davis
Can we have an honest national conversation about Islam now? We’ve been having a “national conversation” on race for decades now. Remember Clinton’s “race tour”?
Obama also pledged to hold a national conversation on race. We’ve been talking about race and racism and racists for so long now that it’s pretty much the worst thing you can be called in modern America: a racist. Racism has been basically relegated to the fringes of our society. Race-based violence is a shadow of what it was prior to the 1970′s, and we have even elected a black man as the leader of the free world (twice, if you count Clinton).
My point is, we’re continually having a nation-wide conversation on something that is barely even a threat anymore and yet we are not allowed to openly discuss a religion that has spawned an ideology responsible for the majority of the most horrific crimes against humanity in recent times.
At what point as a nation do we say “Enough is enough”? At what point to we admit that this problem goes far beyond our traditional political labels of “left” and “right”? At what point do we recognize the danger in front of us? For an entire year the President and members of Congress talked about the fiscal cliff and gave us all types of scary metaphors to illustrate the dangers. The car is going over the cliff! It will crash into the ravine and explode in a fiery ball! If we don’t put on the brakes now we’re going over the cliff! Paul Ryan wants to push Grandma off the cliff! Danger, danger, danger!
Of course, as we all know the “cliff” has come and gone and while these are difficult times we are all still here. There was no mass loss of life to accompany the fiscal cliff metaphors of death. Yet here we are, faced with an undeniable evil. This evil needs no metaphors to describe the destruction it reigns. We have pictures and video and eyewitness testimony. We have images of men and women falling to their deaths from 100 stories high and little, innocent boys waiting anxiously at the finish line just seconds before being blown to pieces. We don’t need to embellish the threat, it has been made all too painfully obvious.
And still, we can’t talk openly about the threat of Islam. As even Bill Maher pointed out recently, this violence is not from Christians or Jews or Buddhists or atheists. Nearly every instance of mass terrorism across the globe has been perpetrated by Muslims. Instead of asking serious questions about the nature of the faith and why it breeds such violence, we are admonished to not make judgments. We are scolded with the reminder that Islam is a “religion of peace” and only a small minority of Muslims resort to terror and murder.
Our government is insistent on us suspending our natural instincts and sensibilities when it comes to the violence we see from the Islamic world and yet asks us to “stay vigilant and alert” in our daily lives to help prevent further attacks. They feed us the “religion of peace” line over and over again. There are plenty of peaceful, good Muslims – the vast majority of them are. Reportedly Islam claims over a billion followers; but if even just 1% of those followers choose extremism that’s still ten million terrorists! That number is too large for Islam to maintain the “religion of peace” status being shoved down our throats. Whenever I have questioned why we don’t hear a massive outcry from the other nine-hundred-ninety million Muslims about terrorism I am confronted with, “They are scared. They will be targeted by militants”. Which seems like less of a defense and more proof that we really do have a serious problem with Islam.
There is a fundamental flaw in the Islamic faith that needs to be discussed and addressed. As a Christian I don’t believe in Allah or the Prophet, but if you can practice your belief without blowing me up then I have no problems with your faith. There are too many Muslims who don’t want to abide by that one simple, yet important rule: don’t murder people.
Our children are at risk. Our neighborhoods are at risk. Our community events, celebrations, freedom of movement – they are all at risk because of the threat of radical Islam that has embedded itself in our nation. If Obama wants to have a national conversation that really moves the needle, he would have the courage to open one up about Islam. Not only would it help expose and possibly neutralize the threat in some way, it would also give those peaceful, patriotic Muslims the opportunity to be heard in a public forum.
Let’s stop having useless national conversations. I’m black and my family is black but I have never once worried about my children being killed by a racist at a sporting event. I do, however worry they will be killed or hurt by a Muslim terrorist in the public square. The odds are far higher and growing every day.
Eric Holder wasn’t necessarily wrong when he said “we are a nation of cowards”, he just got the subject wrong on which we were being cowardly.  It is time for courage when it comes to radical Islam. Let us not lose one more innocent, smiling child before we will allow honesty to be heard.

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