Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Obama - America's Chamberlain

This is an article by Allen West that is not only excellent and informative - but truly frightening. I do not understand how Obama can get away with this crap without the people rising up to stop him. Anyone with half a brain knows he's harbored Islamic leanings for a long time, but this borders on the criminal.

People need to know this and that's a problem - you know you won't hear this on the evening news - except maybe, on, please, spread this around as much as you can ... I fear that people will die because of this action of our president.  That is an awful feeling to have of the person who has sworn to "serve and protect "us - the people of the United States of America.  Instead he has put many more of us in jeopardy with his treasonous actions.

I say "treasonous" with trepidation ... it is not a word that I banter around.  But isn't aiding and abetting the enemy treason???? If that is the definition, than our President is a traitor.

As I write this, I have no idea what Israel’s election results will be — but I do know my desired result. There is much evidence that the Obama administration had worked to secure a defeat for Prime Minister Netanyahu — of course the progressive socialists will deny and dismiss it as they always do.
However, there is another critical indicator that President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry wish to have an accommodating left-leaning person in Israel to enable their policy scheme.
Front Page Magazine reports, “You know the country responsible for killing hundreds of Marines, which provided sanctuary to al-Qaida and whose terrorist proxies helped give al-Qaida the skills to carry out 9/11? They’re no longer terrorists. Sure their terrorist groups currently control parts of Lebanon and Yemen, but they’re not terrorists. Because if Iran was a state sponsor of terror, then Obama letting them have the bomb might look bad. This way it’s fine.”
That is correct ladies and gents, the Obama administration has removed the number one state sponsor of terrorism from the list of terrorists — just like they refuse to place the venerable Muslim Brotherhood on that list, or for that matter, the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) — funny, even the UAE and Egypt did.
This reminds me of the story from Star Trek that gave Captain William T. Kirk his fame — he was the only Star Fleet cadet who defeated the Kobiyashi Maru scenario. Well, we came to find out he simply went into the system and changed it so he could defeat the game.
And so it goes with the Obama administration — folks claim you shouldn’t enter into a nuclear negotiation and deal with the number one global sponsor of terrorism? Then take them off the terrorist list, and voila! Any other complaints?
However, it’s just not that easy as we draw close to the ill-conceived desire of Obama to appease the mad mullahs and theocrats of the Islamic regime. There has been no change in behavior from Iran – as a matter of fact, it has worsened. Iran still holds Americans hostage and a new report shows — something we’ve known for some time — Iran has a presence in Venezuela. So President Obama can decree Iran isn’t a terrorist state but the stripes of the tiger do not define the ferocious nature of the big cat.
And it’s not just redefining Iran to suit his desires. Obama has also redefined Iran’s greatest terrorist proxy force, Hezbollah. “That clarifies that Obama no longer considers Hezbollah an enemy (not that he ever did). Instead it’s an ally that is classed together with Lebanon, rather than a threat to it.”
All this is contained in a recent report from James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence — that title does seem somewhat oxymoronic.

The report states, “An annual report delivered recently to the US Senate…removed Iran and Hezbollah from its list of terrorism threats, after years in which they featured in similar reports. In describing Iran’s regional role, the report noted the Islamic Republic’s “intentions to dampen sectarianism, build responsive partners, and deescalate tensions with Saudi Arabia,” but cautioned that “Iranian leaders—particularly within the security services—are pursuing policies with negative secondary consequences for regional stability and potentially for Iran.”
“Lebanon faces growing threats from terrorist groups, including the al-Nusrah Front and ISIL. Sunni extremists are trying to establish networks in Lebanon and have increased attacks against Lebanese army and Hezballah positions along the Lebanese-Syrian border. Lebanon potentially faces a protracted conflict in northern and eastern parts of the country from extremist groups seeking to seize Lebanese territory, supplies, and hostages.”
So not only have Iran and Hezbollah been removed from the list — they seem to be praised and made out to be victims. Folks, you just cannot make this stuff up — and I must once again ask, just who is “traitorous?”
Let’s take a walk down memory lane recalling that famous quote about those who fail to remember history ending up repeating it.
“The worst part for me is that nobody remembers,” Mark Nevells said last year on the anniversary of the Hezbollah bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut. A Marine had thrown his body in front of the truck to try stop the vehicle and afterward for five days, Nevells and other Marines had dug through the rubble for the bodies of the men they had served with. One of the first Marines on the scene heard voices coming from underneath the rubble. “Get us out. Don’t leave us.”
Or do any of us remember this: “Colonel William R. Higgins was captured by Hezbollah, the terrorist group acting as Iran’s hand in Lebanon, and tortured for months until his body was dumped near a mosque. An autopsy report found that he had been starved and had suffered multiple lethal injuries that could have caused his death. The skin on his face had been partially removed along with his tongue and he had also been castrated.”
Or this: “Like Higgins, William Francis Buckley, the CIA station chief, was also captured and tortured for months. On video tapes released by his Hezbollah captors, he was incoherent and his mind had been broken by the horrors inflicted on his ravaged body and his soul. “They had done more than ruin his body,” CIA Director William Casey said. “His eyes made it clear his mind had been played with. It was horrific, medieval and barbarous.”
Lastly how about this: “Robert Stethem, a Navy diver, was brutally murdered when Hezbollah terrorists took over TWA flight 847. The Iranian-backed terrorists, one of whom was Imad Mughniyah, beat and kicked him to death. “They were jumping in the air and landing full force on his body. He must have had all his ribs broken,” Uli Derickson, the stewardess, described. “I was sitting only 15 feet away. I couldn’t listen to it. I put my fingers in my ears. I will never forget. I could still hear. They put the mike up to his face so his screams could be heard by the outside world.”
And don’t forget Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist Ali Musa Daqduq, who was responsible for the kidnapping and ritual murder of five U.S. Soldiers in Iraq — of course Obama would just blame Bush. However, it was Obama who released this terrorist to the Iraqis who subsequently set him free.
Iran is still an Islamic totalitarian, terrorist state, and Hezbollah is its proxy Islamic terrorist army. The Obama administration can do as Captain Kirk and change the rules but it does not change the truth or the behavior.
What it shows is that Barack Obama will dishonor the memory of anyone in order to get what he wants — regardless of what it entails for the cause of liberty and freedom. I’m waiting for the typical progressive socialist trolls to defend this action of removing Iran and Hezbollah from the list of terrorist threats facing our Republic.
Please, give us an explanation of this policy, help us to understand what we are missing here — truthfully, you cannot, and if you try to, then join our list, the list of those who wish to fundamentally transform America and embolden our enemies.
This is shameful — and once again, I call upon the GOP-controlled House and Senate to draft and pass a resolution of censure against President Barack Hussein Obama. That’s not me being political. That’s me being an American.

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