Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Lesson from the Japanese

Maybe we need to take a lesson from Japan - forget about political correctness and discourage Muslims from immigrating to our country...and if they are here they must practice their religion quietly and not be allowed to take others into their midst.

Japan Shut Down Radical Islam Entirely… And Here’s the Simple Way They Did It

The Japanese people are distinctly themselves which is reflected in their government, commerce and daily lives, and unlike many Western countries, they are not swayed by outside influence and political correctness.
As the influence of Islam is being spread across the globe through Muslim evangelism and immigration, Muslims remain persona non grata in Japan.
While Japan strives to maintain civil relationships with Islamic countries for economic reasons, inside the country, Muslims are required to practice their religion quietly in their own homes and are prohibited from overtly endeavoring to convert anyone to Islam.
Out of Japan’s nearly 127 million occupants, only 10,000 of them, less than one hundredth of a percent, are Muslims. Part of that has to do with their ban on Islamic evangelism but perhaps even more so on their ban of Muslim immigrants.
While America and other countries are importing Muslims in droves, Japan discourages their entrance into their country, usually only allowing those in who are there for business purposes.
That being said, most Japanese companies prefer to hire one their own people over an immigrant. The Japanese as a whole are uneasy around Muslims, assigning them all the reputation of radical, closed-minded and less intelligent people with a strange religion.
There are very few mosques or Islamic institutions in Japan and only one imam in Tokyo.
Critics of Japan’s  policy toward Muslims claim that the Japanese are intolerant, xenophobic and maybe even racist, while others see it as a “developed sense of nationalism” and an attempt to preserve their unique culture (H/T The Jewish Press).
There may be some truth to both sides. But Islam is an unusual religion whose followers are admonished to wage jihad, or holy war, in the name of Allah or at least support those who do.
The politically correct response is that other religions, like Christianity, have also produced radicals with violent intent, but that’s judging a system by its misuse. A Christian following the Bible’s teaching will help and love others while a strict adherent to the Quran will “fight in the cause of Allah” and wage war on infadels.
If America continues down the road its on, political correctness is sure to doom the nation one way or another, be it by an invasion by foreign power or complete collapse of moral fiber.
If more countries would take a stand against radical Islam, if President Barack Obama would call Islamic terrorists by their right name, then maybe, like Japan, we can preserve our unique culture and hard-fought heritage.

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