Friday, November 16, 2012

The Precious Right to Vote

Maybe I won't get back to my jewelry blog - I'm enjoying this and lots of people are for the time being, I'll be a political commenter with a jewelry business on the side.  But, please come take a look at my shop and purchase some of my cool jewelry.  Scottsdale, AZ is loving it in the shops that carry it.

Okay - let's talk about the right to vote.  It is a special and treasured right that our constitution bestows on us and it is a right that more citizens should use.  During most elections only between 40 something percent and 60 something percent vote - that is criminal... it should be over 90%,, as close to 100%  as it can feasibly get - but I guess that isn't going to happen in my lifetime.  The only good thing about that is, it means that anywhere from 60 to 40 % of the citizens of this country are not allowed to bitch or complain about anything that happens here.  If you don't vote - you must keep your mouth shut about ANYTHING that occurs that is somehow touched or influenced  by a politician...and there isn't much that they don't touch.   So remember this the next time that someone is ranting and raving about something - quietly interrupt their tirade (unless you totally agree with them) and ask them if they voted the last time they were given the right to vote - if they didn't, tell them that according to Linda's Law they are not allowed to bitch.  Now they may question you on what that law is - but by the time you are done with explanations - they will either have forgotten what they were upset about or they won't care any more.

In order to qualify to vote, I think that we seriously need to make some changes.  First of all we must have to show a valid picture cannot cash a check without one, you can't travel, you needed to show that 3 times to get into the Democratic convention, you can't win a jackpot in a casino, you can't check into a hotel... surely we can show one to vote.  We have four years now to get this passed and it MUST  be passed.  Illegal aliens have no business either being forced to vote (Las Vegas this election cycle ) or just voting for their own reasons without becoming citizens.  Everyone and anyone either has a valid picture I.D. or has plenty of time to get it before the next election.  We must enact this for the sanctity of our elections.

Now let's talk about voting machines. There has been allot of talk after this election about voter fraud and voting machine irregularites.  This has to  be addressed and fixed.  If little Joey, the computer nerd down the street, can hack into the Pentagon's computers, how are we to stop a determined individual, or political party, from messing with our votes.  There are several areas this time that have numerous precincts that supposedly voted 100% for nobama - not one vote for Romney and that just isn't possible. Look at all the reports of people casting their vote for Romney and the machine changed the vote to nobama..  One reporter - egad, there is a Republican leaning reporter still left out there - had so much trouble with his machine trying to vote for Romney,  that he forced the watchers to open it - and there were no Romney votes recorded during the time that he voted...this has to be fixed.  Maybe we need all paper ballots and manual counts - but no ballots with chads, please - but we need to insure that not only is the voting process honest, but also that machine that records it is also honest.

I'm going out on a limb here - but it's my blog, so I can say what I want, and no one has to agree.  In the original Constitution, Thomas Jefferson, a genius, wanted anyone who voted to be educated and to be a land owner.  I personally think that he was on the right track.  In order to vote, people should be prepared to show that they can read - either letters or braille.  If you can not read, how can you possiblely vote??? Have you ever listened to "Man on the Street " interviews around election time? They are truly frightening - people who have no idea who the vice president is - people who admit to getting their news from Jon Stewart - people who thought that "Stu Ped " was a candidate for goes on and on, and it is humorous until you think about the ramifications - this person is going into a voting booth and voting for the person and people who will control your destiny....A truly scary thought! ! !

So voting is a precious right that we need to protect and practice.  It is also a severly abused right that needs some dramatic fixes.  Now is the time to institute those fixes before we enter the next election cycle...til next time...Have a happy Turkey Day to all of you...

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