Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Revenge of the Idiots

Okay - the election is over and I'm very disappointed in the results - but they are what they are, and there's nothing that can be done about it.  We live with it for four long years and hope and pray that our marvelous Republic can survive the onslaught of the socialists and secular progressives that  have taken up residence in Washington.  I feel that I did everything that a poor, 70 year old lady could do to help Romney/Ryan get elected, and obviously, it wasn't enough.

I do not want to listen to the pundits about why it happened but I do have a few short comments to make.  Mitt Romney received less votes than John McCain and I find that so hard to fathom.  The only people that I am angry about after this are the Tea Party "Patriots" and the Fundamentalists that decided that they just couldn't vote for Romney/Ryan.  Anyone who doesn't vote is an idiot in my book - and they will stay in my idiot book forever.  Some of  the Tea Party "Patriots" didn't vote because Romney wasn't conservative enough for them - well, he wasn't conservative enough for me either, but by not voting they put a Muslim and a Socialist, as far as I am concerned, into the White House for a second term. That is inexcusable and they have forfeited all rights to "bitching" forever.

Now, the Fundamentalists...they didn't vote because Romney was a Mormon...Shades of 1960 when JFK ran and people were screaming that the Pope would be running the White House.  Romney is a good and religious person.  He is extremely generous with both his time and his funds in giving to others. He would have made an excellent President and the White House would have had some class again.  I bet we would have a Day of Prayer again.  I bet our President would go to church again and the minister wouldn't " damn" the United States of America.  I doubt if he would have taken the vacations that nobama has on the people's dime.  If the Fundamentalist didn't like him, they can't like nobama any better...and he is really gonna rain on their parade, especially when he gets to appoint people to the Supreme Court.  Again, they belong in the "idiot" book, never to emerge.

If we could have generated the vote numbers that got out for McCain in 2008, we could have won this - I heard the other day that 180,000 votes could have changed this result and there were more than two million votes for McCain in 2008 than for Romney in 2012.  That is disgusting - we may have lost this country, as we know it, forever because of lack of action on the part of people who should have cared the most.  They really do belong in the "Idiot Book of All Time".

Before anyone says, "She's just another racist republican" - Herman Cain was my first choice for the nomination and I honestly think that he got railroaded out of the running by people close to nobama because they were afraid of him and his appeal to the black vote.  But that's another story for another day.

The saddest part of all this is - I can't even hope that Nobama gets impeached over Benghazi because then I'd have to deal with Biden...and he might even be worse than nobama is.  We do have to get to the bottom of the situation there - nobama can not be allowed to lie his way out of this one too.  As people much more famous than I have said - "Nobody died at Watergate" and if the  Benghazi coverup doesn't compare to the Watergate coverup, I don't know what does.  It does compare as a coverup - but the situation is much worse in Libya than it ever was at Watergate, not only didn't people die, but that was a "two bit" robbery - this is murder, the burning and looting of our embassy, and possibly, another fast and furious gun trade...

One of these days, I have to get back to my benign little jewelry blog - PLEASE VISIT MY SHOP  AND BUY SOME JEWELRY - I've been spending way too much time on politics and nothing on  commerce...:)  Have a great day, til next time....

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