Thursday, October 28, 2010

Accident Waiting To Happen

I know you have all heard that statement - this or that person is an "accident waiting to happen".  I have heard it many times and sometimes in reference to myself.  I never really thought about it allot until the other night...and I have not thought about much else since then.  I really wanted to write about it, but I kept thinking that I was going to look like such a dork, maybe, I shouldn't...but, it is tooooooo funny not to share, so here goes.

Time for bed and I head back to perform my nightly abolutions - and being the good wife of a retired dentist, I filled up my water pick and went to work on my teeth. I'm water flossing away when the pick just sorta slipped in my hand...I do have the excuse that there is allot of water involved here...and most of it is dripping heavily out of your mouth.  So, it slipped, rather forcibly, and ended up, up my nose.  This was embarrassing enough, but it gets worse...I gave myself the worst bloody nose, I think that I have ever had.

Now - the good news here is, not many people can make the claim that they have been injurred by an errant waterpick - maybe the company will want to do a documentary on me, and pay me lots and lots of money. So perhaps, that is a little far fetched, but I bet you don't know anyone else who has been attacked by a water pick and lived to tell about it. Or at least, was stupid enough to tell the whole free world about it. 

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  1. Ah, Linda, we ought to hook up. Sounds as though we're in the same boat. I have a terrible time getting signed up and navigating a site. Took me forever to post pictures on my blog and just recently got the widgets to work.

    So, where in the yellow pages do you find program writers. Grin