Saturday, October 23, 2010

Never Trust Your Children

Continuing in the same vein that my first two blogs are let me tell you a story that might amuse you. I must admit that I didn't see the humor in this situation for several months, but I guess I do now.  I think that it illustrates perfectly the difference between the techies and the non techies - or those who were raised with computers and those of us who weren't.  I also think that it illustrates how differently these generations think.

I was toying with the idea of a web site of my own and decided to talk to my daughter about it.  She is a photographer( named one of the 20 top wedding photographers in the country last year - sorry, proud mother - her site is Artisan Events) and has had a web site forever.  Does lots of stuff with it and was also in the throws of opening a web based business. So we have this long and involved discussion about the pros and cons of me having my own site, as opposed to opening a (my) shop where there were other artisans selling their wares and I just had to follow the web sites' protocol. We talked about the cost of development and the cost of this being on a server as opposed to the costs of a site like Artfire, where I am, which is a monthly fee...or at a place like 1000 markets, where I was, which charged a % of any sales.  It was a good and involved conversation and when we were heading to the end I asked her, what to me was a perfectly logical question, which was..........."what do I look under in the yellow pages to find someone to write my program????"

I will make a bet that to most anyone over maybe, 55, that this question makes allot of sense.  I will also make a bet that anyone much younger than that is still laughing.  My child, flesh of my flesh, told the whole free world about this - and she didn't just do it verbally, she put it on Facebook so that the 1000's of her friends could have a good laugh too.  I found out about this the next day when my other daughter called me, laughing, of course, and the first words out of her mouth  were - " You didn't really ask Amanda where in the (snicker, snicker) yellow pages you could find someone to write a program for you, did you"

There's not much more to say -


  1. There are plenty of people who are still not on the internet and using the yellow pages. So don't forget those people when you're letting people know about your store. They have family members to buy things for too.

    Never limit your market by discounting certain people. You only wind up hurting yourself.

  2. This made me laugh and laugh. Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing. *g*