Friday, October 22, 2010

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Okay, according to my computer guru, the more of these that I can post, the more serious that google will take me.  Does that sound as stupid to all of you as it does to me?  I am actually taking an action, spending a little bit of the little bit of free time that I have to impress something that lives in machine?

As you know from my first post, I am a very non techy person.  In my first life, before retirement, I was, among other things, a dental consultant and fell into being a national expert on dental software implementation...I was on technology's cutting edge.  Unfortunately, that was in the 80's and it is now 2010 and I am so far from the edge that I can't even see it anymore.

After retirement I became a jewelry artisan and have a shop at Artfire. Before that I had a shop at 1000 Markets, and unfortuately they were sold and then I moved to Artfire.  This is where I am now spinning my wheels and trying to cope with the technology of the 2000's with a brain that was trained in the mid 1900's. Let me tell you, it ain't easy. I am dealing with things that I never heard of until last week...caches...SOE (or is it SEO's??) ...links ...and let us not forget, clickable links....they even want me to tweet, and I'm so tone deaf, I can't sing...I will have a kiosk to connect my facebook page to my shop - isn't a kiosk one of those freestanding, small shops in malls???  I just found out that "tabs" and "bookmarks" are the same thing - boy, you could have fooled me, without even trying...

I may be older - but I do love to learn.  So in the back of my mind is a desire to conquer this monster. But...I discovered a connection here that I bet that no one else has seen.  When they stopped printing hard copy documentation for software and hardware...I stopped learning about it.  I upgraded my accounting software in the early 90's and there was no documentation except on the computer...I could either do the computer or read the directions, it was impossible to do both at the same time, and in order to maintain my sanity, I decided that I needed to stop doing this....and I did.  I did not learn one new thing about these machines until I was forced to learn a little for 1000 Markets and now allot for Artfire. It is very hard to relearn the way that you me on this.  I have printed out almost 2 inches of instruction from Artfire in less than a month.  I know that I can afford the monthly fee to be on the site, but I am concerned if I will be able to afford the reams of paper that I may need.

That's about it for now - but this may turn into a continuing saga...Have a good one all.

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  1. Way to go, you lovely doggie you! I'm so proud of you for taking this on. Our blog is on here too but we really only write on it when we're overseas. I'll let you know the link to it so you can track us while we're "over there" during the holidays. Again, I'm proud of you and look forward to reading your posts. Linda